Boundless eternity, fills my empty heart,
giving life where death has fallen
stillness fills the emptiness,
night fills the darkness
A pale winter moon, shines ghostly light upon me
sweet summer sun rise, washes the gloom away

Dark angels, gypsy queens, heal with their touch
burn away my sorrow
casting tingles where their hands glide
where their lips meet my skin
Fill me with aching love,
Like stepping from the shade a moment

Earth mothers nurture, impart wisdom,
scars turned to pools of weary knowledge
Though when they dance
they are younger than I
When they smile
I see the eyes of children

I bathe in infinity’s waters
and they cleanse each divide
until there is one moment,
imperfection becomes perfection
disharmony becomes harmony
life becomes death

Feelings fade, I am or I am lost
simplicity reigns with an unclenched hand
we are free to wander,
free to lay on the green grass
free to feel the lift of the sky
as we gaze into its deep blue

We float as seeds carried on the breeze
taking root or never landing
flying out to sea
to be forever carried by the waves
seeking out some eternal sunset,
some untouched shore, to take our rest

Water face


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