The Light

lightThe Light is pure intelligence. It is our fundamental essence and the essence of all creation.

Our inner light is our being, the light of pure awareness. It can heal and transform us, it can help us digest and endure great suffering.

Through knowing the light we can practice the art of transmutation which can transform negative energy into positive energy.

The human body is a beautiful instrument and container of this light. Its language can be deciphered between the brows, felt as universal oneness, which is love, in the heart and embodied deep in the belly.

That which is called the spiritual path but which is in truth simply the path, has to do with the raising of our vibration, the increasing of our frequency which is the fuller embodiment of Light.

Think of each being as a ray of light, projected from the sun into the lowest, densest matter. The path then is the moving back towards the light source. This movement is the raising of vibration, the increasing of light.

High vibrations can be perceived as feelings such as lightness, clarity, joy and love. Low vibrations can be felt as apathy, anger, envy and greed.

This does not mean however that we should avoid the low vibrations within ourselves, the true path lies in learning the art of transmutation, so that we may reclaim the fragmented parts of ourselves into one unified whole.

This can only be achieved by fully feeling, fully allowing and fully embodying our pain in the light of clarity and non judgement, allowing ourselves simply to feel and be with our pain as pure feeling, extracting it from the stories we have around it and really FEELING it in its bare essence as pure energy.

On this plane, there can be no growth without friction. Learn to see your pain and sorrow as pure grace, the whetstone upon which you can sharpen your sword of clarity, engorge your heart and deepen the depths of your being down into the caverns of your belly.

Thank God who is Life itself for the opportunity to live, grow and be. Know that you are strong enough to withstand anything that may arise in you. This is what truth demands of us.

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