The Dance of Life

When sky, earth, wind, tree, sun, moon, stars, beast and man

become one movement

When the dancer becomes the dance

and the flames of passion burn

from deep within

Strong enough to weather any storm

When each falling leaf

Is worth more than a kingdom

When pain becomes ecstasy

and good and bad blur into one perfect symphony

then my friend

you have arrived.

The wine of life is sweet and ever flowing,

if you would but allow it to permeate you

The flames of passion will burn your tears away,

and a flower will bloom in your heart.

Angels will carry you, clouds will part for you

Gods will whisper in your ear!

Thank the sorrows that carved and deepened you

Praise the knives that hurt and wounded you

for it is in these chasms the light can enter you

for it is from these scars the flower grows.



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