Slowly, move the clouds of my dreams
Castles made of clay, melting in the sun
I hear them crash into the sea
Great monuments of man, crumbling in time
Our forms fading into the black, one with the sea
Rivers breaking from the whole,
Life’s symphony playing out,
Birds singing, patterns in the sand
Waves breaking on the shore
The solace of memories,
only the moment
No yesterday, no today, no tomorrow, only now
Silver arrows sailing to the sun
The moonlight falling on the water
Feel something real, have no secrets
Nothing to gain, nothing to lose
No you, no me, one
To know is to die, to live is to grow
Lose yourself, to find what’s true
Fools and kings, dancing to the same tune
Let yourself fall, nothing to fear
Let life’s current carry you, carry us
Let it flow, sleep, dream

Blood moon burning on the sand,
A lone traveler following the stars,
Green hills and loves lost, the bonds severed
Boundless, nameless, endless, shapeless,
Nothing, everything
Follow your heart, nothing ends, only changes
Search, seek, grow, flow
Wander freely and without direction
Truth, never to be found
An idea, a fantasy
Be you, be me, be all, be free
Be nobody, be as a child
Knowing nothing, discovering
I love, I love, I feel, I feel
Achieve, be something, be nothing, be yourself
Change, silence, noise, the same
Let go of all burdens
Be weightless, formless
Water lapping,
River flowing,
Let the sun caress you
Sorrow, pain, cast it away
You are ready
Silver birds, golden trees, metallic forms
Dancing, spinning
Fear and love, watch the drama unfold
Dive in, let the water cleanse you, renew you
Soar up, feel the bubbles tingle
Rejoice, all is one
The pain is gone, you are free
Free to feel
The wheel turns, one form, one life
Go to the sea, forget yourself,
Feel the earth beneath your feet,
Rest now, still time, endless time
World turning, fires burning, leaves falling
Live, die, be, let go, die
Pass through the fire, be reborn
Arise, awaken
You are flying, over mountains, rivers, trees
You are free, you are free, you are free.


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