Knowledge and Being

mother“The ballet is a purely female thing; it is a woman, a garden of beautiful flowers, and man is the gardener”. George Balanchine

Most of the problems facing our civilisation today come from an over emphasis on knowledge over being. This is most apparent when we look at the worldwide historical repression of the feminine by the dominating patriarchal hierarchy and in the emphasis society has placed on production and outward advancement.

While we have advanced much technologically, on the whole being is still largely as primitive, undeveloped and ignored as it has been for thousands of years. The idea that we have progressed and advanced is largely an illusion created by our goal orientated, outward facing minds. Inwardly we are as impoverished and hungry as ever.

Too much knowledge and too much being can destroy a society. Nature is always striving towards balance. Anyone who is vaguely in tune can sense this happening now. We are in crunch time, to keep advancing blindly towards technological and outward progress while ignoring being will only lead to our destruction.

Think of a object such as a chair. There are two obvious realities associated with the chair. There is the reality created by us, how we use it, what we call it and all of our ideas about it (knowledge) and then there is the actual reality of the chair (being).

Knowledge is stronger the closer it is to the actual reality. A more fundamental idea of the reality of the chair would be to think of it as vibrating particles of light. The slower the vibration the denser the matter, the higher the vibration the lighter the matter i.e light itself.

Knowledge and being should hopefully grow together. If you are an intuitive person you may find that being is often far ahead of knowledge. This may manifest in something like saying something in the heat of the moment, or writing something without thinking, which you don’t understand at the time but which after a little while begins to make complete and perfect sense.

This may lead you to backtrack or doubt what you are saying until knowledge has had time to catch up with being. The being is pure and without pretence, it is completely in tune with the natural rhythms of life. It is wise, it knows what we require and when, if we can become quiet enough to know its call, if we can heed its language. Often it speaks to us by making us ill when we have been overworking ourselves, by shutting everything down when we need time to reflect, through dreams, through visions, through synchronicity.

This is where knowledge becomes necessary. It allows us to heed the promptings of our inner self, to know and understand its language. In terms of our expression, knowledge is the shears which clip and hone our intuitive knowing into a perfect and concise expression of what it is we are trying to say.

It becomes problematic when our minds begin to distort the purity of our original consciousness, the purity of our natural expression. We begin to think things like this is unacceptable, who am I to say this, what will they think of me and so on. Our knowledge is the container, within which pure natural expression can flow. It provides form, it provides function. It is like a dance.

The being is feminine, open and receptive. Knowledge is masculine, firm and penetrating. Too much of one or the other leads to imbalance. Too much feminine leads to chaotic meandering, like a garden which has been left untended and has grown wild and unkempt. Beautiful yes, but no longer able to perform its function. Too much masculine and all becomes cold, sterile and rigid, functional yes, but without beauty, without colour.

In the dance between the masculine and feminine principles, which by the way, have nothing to do with gender and may manifest either way at different times in both males and females, the masculine essence is required to hold and contain the feminine, so that the feminine may grow and flower and be free within the form provided by the masculine.

The dance is within us and without us, above and below us, it is manifest everywhere and in everything. Learn its movements that you may move with life, harmoniously, abundantly, joyfully, deeply.




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