The Breath of Life

breatheCorrect breathing is imperative. Breathing should be deep, slow and rhythmical. Breath should swell the groin, stomach and chest on the in breath, out breath should be slow, controlled, in sync with the in breath.

On the in breath we can imagine energy rising from our groin to our head up the back of the spine, on the out breath we can feel energy moving down the front of our body and into our groin.

It is such a simple and essential thing, but we do not consider it enough. In this modern frantic world we run around here and there, breathing frantically and shallowly. Relax and take some time to breathe deep this beautiful and most essential nourishment which surrounds us and permeates everything.

There is also a beneficial breathing exercise I do sometimes which is very simple to do. I have found it keeps sickness at bay, improves your lung capacity greatly and generally just raises your vibration nice and high.

Basically, you rest in your central channel, as I described in my writing on meditation, sitting with legs in front or with legs crossed or you can also lie down. Then you breathe in slowly and deeply down into the groin, abdomen and chest, and breathe out without quite allowing all of the breath out, then breathe in slow and deep again then repeat about 30 times or as many times as feels good to us. This increases oxygen in the body which in turn alkalises the body and awakens our cells.

Once we have gone about 30 times or as many as feels good to us then we let the breath out fully and hold there. You should be able to hold your breath for much longer and also you can feel the oxygen in your body. Hold for as long as feels comfortable then take one deep breath and take it into the head. Feel your brain awaken. Then allow the energy to move down and rest in the belly. Breathe out when it feels good to do so. Then breathe normally, deeply and slowly. You can repeat again if you wish.

I have found this is a very good way to prepare for meditation, get in touch with our being and keep our body healthy by alkalising our cells and oxygenating our body.




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