yin“Opposition is true friendship” William Blake.

Note: Much of the ideas on the three forces come, reworded into my own understanding, from PD Ouspensky’s book on the Gurdjieff work; In Search of the Miraculous. A very interesting and recommended read for all who wish to delve into the fundamental reality of themselves and of the cosmos which is of course completely entwined and inseparable.

To get close to reality is to know and understand the movement of energy, for lack of a better word. How is energy generated on this plane? Friction.

Think of two men pulling a rope away from each other. In the middle of the rope, energy is generated. Or imagine a monk meditating in the forest, mosquitoes buzzing all around him. All of the monk wants to swat the mosquitoes away. But he remains still. In between these two opposing forces of wanting and resisting, something is generated.

In this case, that something is being.

In all things are manifest these three forces. The active force, the passive force and the neutralizing force.

If we observe somebody who is going round and round in circles, never getting anywhere, caught in a pattern, then we can surmise that this person requires the third force in order to move them.

The active and passive forces without the neutralizing force will simply keep going back and forth, sometimes one will be more, sometimes the other. The neutralizing gives strength to the active and thus it can move out and beyond of its usual orbit.

In the case of self development the passive force would be the force of the persons old habits and patterns which act against the force of the desire to change which is the active force. Without the third force these two will simply keep pulling against each other, never getting anywhere. The third force would be knowledge. The person sees either in another or in a glimpse within himself, the possibilities of what can happen as a result of their changing. This then strengthens the active force and thus self development can occur.

tugTo avoid friction, to avoid being challenged, is to avoid the fundamental way in which nature evolves and moves towards generating energy and perfecting itself.

Seen egolessly, a debate between two people with opposing views is really just nature strengthening and honing itself by grinding two antitheses together.

Or consider the growth of disease. New strains, resistant or immune to our cures have begun to arise. Our movement to eradicate disease has provided friction which has in turn caused the diseases to become stronger.

It is our attachment to some static truth which causes problems. Life is an ever-changing flux, an endless movement. Though this is not to say that we cannot know anything. We know by understanding energy, frequency, vibration. We know by observing the cycle of the seasons, the processes of birth, growth and decay which are present in all phenomena.

In these movements we observe the truth of cycles and change. These cycles occur with and without, above and below. To know them is to move with energy. So, when we begin to feel things decay we can apply the correct force to keep things growing. When we feel sickness coming on we can apply the correct force to keep it at bay and so on.

Be prepared to expose your truth to the fire of friction, let all that falls away fall away. Allow life to hone and sharpen you into something true, something real.

It is easy to isolate ourselves and live in our own fantasy. It may well all be true, but at this critical time in the story of humanity, truth must be spread far and wide so that the forces of unconsciousness do not overwhelm and destroy everything.

The time of monks meditating in caves is over, everything must now come into the light. The time has come for a shift in the collective consciousness. How else to do it than for those who know to speak up?

Nobody said it would be easy, there is no spiritual helicopter to take you up the mountain. If we TRULY wish to create a new, more connected and beautiful civilization then we must challenge ourselves, we must go beyond ourselves. We must have the strength to fully live and follow our deepest passion which will in time unfold our reason for being here. In this way we live truth, in this way we allow the will of source to come down onto the earth and thus move things towards harmony, towards balance.

It is only this view which is above all things that can re balance and harmonize our existence on earth. It can live when when we allow ourselves to become instruments of its expression. When we transcend our need for safety and security and live fearlessly from our hearts. Only in this way can harmony be created.








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