surrenderLooking through you, looking through me, looking through he, looking through she… The one being eternally unfolding, learning from itself, revelations never ending, spiraling out from the one… How to unfold? Always by losing something, then life can move as itself, then pure will which is the will of source itself can move and permeate everything. Find the one being in your heart, all that burns let it burn. Then we move as one, then we move as truth, without end, without beginning…

Many people shudder at the concept of surrender. But the reality is beyond concept.

We surrender when we lose identification and move with the one being. The path goes like this;

We find the truth of emptiness in the head space. The truth of basic space. The void.

We find the truth of the one being in the heart, the truth of love beyond identification and attachment. Which is the one being moving and growing as itself.

We dissolve identification and fully embody this realization by coming down into the gut.

To move with this is to move with the most powerful force in the universe, the force of nature itself. The force of the one being growing as itself, perfecting itself. Honing itself.

It does not mean it will always be easy. Surrender involves losing many of our ideas of what we want, of who we think we are. This can be a painful process, though it gets easier as we become less rigid and more fluid as beings. It is like clinging to a rock in the middle of a fast and powerful river. We can’t win, but still we struggle, still we hang on, still we suffer. To surrender is to let go.

In surrender actions become effortless, we move with our deepest nature. We know when to act and when not to act, we become fluid. We become, in other words, skilled and perfect dancers, combining and entwining both masculine and feminine principles in order to move harmoniously with the universe.

When we have the courage to move with our being, to stand fully in the fire of our truth, then things begin to move and transpire in a harmonious direction. Meaningful events, people and ideas begin to show up in our lives. We are moved exactly where we need to be, if we always follow that deepest part of us. We know when we are in line when we feel effortless, free and unencumbered. When we are out of line things begin to stagnate, we lose energy and become depressed and negative. Just like a river, when it flows all moves easily, when it stops the water becomes stagnant.

This is why surrender always involves losing something, that something we held onto before was impeding and blocking the natural flow of life. Hence why we feel blocked, negative and unable to move.

When we are moving into truth it is always going to be more about BEING it than about knowing or striving towards something outside ourselves which only takes us further away from being.

Knowledge is however required in our coming to know and realize this. Being in itself has no way of knowing anything, it just is. Knowledge can see itself. Thus the two must dance together.



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