Trickster Mask

“if you want to go your individual way it is the way you make for yourself, which is never prescribed, which you do not know in advance, and which simply comes into being of itself when you put one foot in front of the other. If you always do the next thing that needs to be done, you will go most safely and surefootedly along the path prescribed by your unconscious.”   Carl Jung

Funny how it all goes isn’t it? We leap from one polarity to another. We blame each other even while knowing that no body has one single iota of control over any of this. We hold grudges, we take sides. We long for ours to be the only way even though it could not exist without its opposite. In short, we play our roles very well and even become very identified with them. But I do often wonder, who are we really? Behind the masks, behind the games… What withstands the fire? What remains when all else has fallen away?

When we find that, all the branch cutting and tree pruning becomes unnecessary, we go direct to the source. The being is naturally in harmony, naturally connected and in balance with itself and with the cosmos. It knows very well what it requires and how to get it. Without repression, the energies would not be perverted. They would move naturally, as they were intended to.

A child is extremely sensitive. I am sure you have all witnessed or been part of a situation where a child was stifled. Perhaps the child was expressing itself, perhaps it was drawing somewhere it supposedly shouldn’t. The adult shames and puts down the child for its supposed crime and thus the whole terrible affair begins. The child’s natural expression is stifled by this voice of authority which now stands between the child’s natural flow of energy and the world.

In the best case scenario, the child realises that this is just one persons opinion and learns to use the power of friction to create and express themselves and grow stronger through opposition. Most often though this manifests into a teenager who struggles to express themselves then into an adult who is deeply unfulfilled and repressed as a result of not being able to live out the life that was made for them, the life of the unconscious. This creates misery, which then spreads out into the world.


Hence the true meaning of the biblical allegory of the first sin when Eve ate the apple of knowledge. The knowledge took humanity away from the life of nature, from the life of being, from the life of oneness and connectedness between all things including people.

Man’s reason lifts him out of nature somewhat. He is able to manipulate it to his own ends, he is able to consider it. He is able to have some kind of dominion over it. Of course the good or bad in this fact comes entirely from the intention of the person who is shining the light of their reason over nature. It would be entirely possible to use reason to build beautiful technologies which are both completely in harmony with nature and which enhance people’s lives at the same time.

As always, the discussion circles back to balance. It seems to me that it is most important now for us to follow our deepest passion, to build a new world made of joy rather than suffering and oppression. To open the doors to our deepest potential as a race which will come when we allow reason only to direct and channel our divine energy into its most useful, life enriching purposes rather than to enclose our natural energies in a jail cell from which they can only eventually burst forth like a volcano and overwhelm everything in their path.

It is the freedom to express oneself, the freedom to follow ones own initiative, the freedom to come to know oneself which will breed naturally compassion, tolerance, balance and natural morality which does not require an external structure to enforce its code.

It will all grow naturally, like a flower from within each of us. If we allow ourselves each to follow that call which we have stifled for so very long, if we allow ourselves to follow our hearts, to love, dance, sing and be merry. This is the foundation of the new world. Joy is the foundation. Self expression, forgiveness and acceptance.

Without having the courage to make mistakes we cannot learn anything. We cannot know what balance is until we know each polarity. It is very simple, how can you know where the middle of a piece of wood is if you do not know where its edges are?

So, let it flow people, Be mindful! Don’t just spill your energy everywhere! But let it flow, softly, gently, there is no rush, there is plenty of time, there is only the eternal now. Let it flow…


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