“Energy is the only life, and is from the body; and reason is the bound or outward circumference of energy. Energy is eternal delight” William Blake

Energy – Why repress it? Why are we so afraid of it? Why do we need to put chains on it? Why do we need to constrain it in churches, in our bodies, in our thoughts and minds?

Perhaps it is necessary to know how to work with it first. Otherwise it could get a little chaotic. Especially since there is so much ridiculous repression of the body, soul and mind in this culture.

Don’t be naked, don’t take psychedelics, fear your own mind, don’t go off the tracks, basically, don’t do anything that upsets the structure.

It seems to me though, perhaps we have chained ourselves a little too much and now we begin to feel the rumble, collectively and individually, of feelings we repressed, of our self denial and of our pain which we kept down so as to avoid the difficulty of feeling it.

Things will always return to balance eventually. This may however mean the dissolving and dissolution of all which has been built in such a way that it cannot handle change.

The purpose of a structure is to allow growth to occur within it. When the structure reaches its capacity and can no longer provide its function it must either metamorphose into something new and more fluid or die and in its death provide fertilizer for something new to grow from its ashes.

Either way a death of some kind is involved though we can see that we what call death is really only ever change. In a universe of energy, death does not exist.

The dance of opposites is how things come into being. It is our human notions which want it to be some other way. One thing cannot exist without its opposite, in fact, apparent opposites are but different degrees of the same thing.

Now I feel that collectively there is too much control and a staleness permeates everything, the staleness of something old which has been clung to and thus cannot metamorphose into a new form more fitting to the time we are in now.

Change can be painful, it is the breaking of the shell,  but something new needs to grow. How can something new come without change?

Nature will grow through the buildings and the roads and the pavements. In much the same way does being grow from within.


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