Fear of Power

blakeyWe are afraid of ourselves. Afraid of stepping into our own power and having to take responsibility for our actions. This manifests often in the outward projection and hatred which is often hurled at people who being courageous enough to speak out and be themselves.

When one puts oneself in a position of prominence, a position in which their voice is heard, they become a focal point of sorts for all kinds of unconsciousness and projection, the venom of lives unlived.

The strategy of most is to dig into some place they can fit in and not have to stick their head out too much. This may feel safer, but to quote an old saying… all that is going to happen is that you are going to make it safely to the grave. It is a far more worthwhile thing to begin the quest to know the truth. Of yourself, of everything.

If you dig deep enough into this you will find the fear of power lurking beneath it all.

It is scary to step into yourself at first. To make your voice heard. To speak your truth.

When one is standing fully in the fire of ones own truth there will be much resistance which one will come up against from others and from within oneself. Though one does eventually realize that it is all coming from within oneself.

You essentially have two choices at this point, you either give up or you remain in your fire, in your integrity, in your truth.

The power, the creative energy, the force which comes through you, does not truly belong to you and that the moment you try to own and contract around it it will disappear, you remain, trusting the being, trusting the evolutionary force, trusting yourself.

You learn to only act when necessary and when it is right to do so. This is felt and known throughout ones whole being, I cannot explain it, but much like falling in love, you will know it when you feel it.

In terms of the avoidance of this call from within it usually manifests in the projection of our unfulfillment and frustration on those who are in this process or in hiding away and avoiding moving into the fear we feel about stepping fully into our fire. This is of course far easier than it is to begin the process in yourself.

Another way in which this can manifest, more often in males I have found though I am sure it occurs across both genders, is the fear of allowing others to permeate you. As in for example if you are an artist, you may fear looking at the work of others for you judge it to be so much better than yours and thus feel insignificant.

However, if you are to become great yourself, you must fully allow the greatness of others to permeate you, to expand you, to dazzle you. You must open to it. And hear within it the music of the universe. Then once you are open that music can pour through you, in its own unique way of course.

There is so much natural beauty, so much beautiful art, beautiful places, beautiful people. But you must open to it, to become it… to find your own beauty. Within us all is a seed waiting to flower. Like the seed cracking the earth, at first it is fragile and vulnerable. But it grows on and in time becomes a huge tree.

This will happen to you too. If you are reading my words, if you are open, if you feel what I am saying. Then you are blossoming. Beautiful.




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