74585-From-the-bottom-of-the-well_view-9159If you are serious about undertaking what has been called by previous cultures and which I also find to be a fitting title “The Great Work”, then you will hit rock-bottom. It is unavoidable. Hitting this place happens when one loses everything. When all the beliefs and ideas which one holds are destroyed and one is left, alone and with nothing to hold onto, in a vast and unknowable wilderness. Which is of course, a necessary step in coming to know truth, if we have been taught to live otherwise.

Like many things existing in this culture, perhaps the necessity of hitting rock-bottom would not be so if we weren’t raised into this mass pathological sickness which we call normality i.e. wars, violence, mass environmental destruction and a culture which vastly promotes a dog eat dog narcissistic mentality to name but a few. Perhaps these problems would not exist if we were living in tune with reality, in tune with nature, in tune with being.

Perhaps then it would not be necessary to hit rock-bottom, as hitting rock-bottom is but the shedding of illusion. So were we raised in a conscious society or in a very conscious way then perhaps we would not have to hit rock-bottom but most of us were not, so we do, so here it is.

How to cope with hitting rock-bottom then? Well, in my experience, all one can really do is learn somehow, amidst the chaos and confusion, to become completely calm. This is almost then like a real test, many fall here, but if you are in touch with being, if you are prepared to stand strong in the midst of storms knowing that yes, this too will pass and you will be stronger for it, then you will survive.

Meditate. Do shamanic breathing, learn the Wim Hof method, learn to breathe! Give yourself time and space to heal and assimilate, in whatever way you can. Be prepared to simplify your life to enable this if needs be. Eat simple, whole vegan foods. No point in further perpetuating world suffering right? Eat right, eat alkaline, de-acidify your body. It all ties up! Body, mind, spirit, being. It all ties up. Exercise, do yoga, walk often, be in nature often. KNOW YOUR BEING. Find it, know it, and be it.

Take in good information, it is likely if you are open you will find that this will begin to open up by itself. You will find your way to things which will nourish this process.

Drop out if you need to. Those who really love you will understand if you have to drop off the radar for a while.

Use this time, allow this time, to heal, to grow, to become. The shedding of illusion is necessary if one is to become ones real self. You are brave if you have taken this step to come into this place. Peoples whole lives and indeed whole cultures have been built around avoiding it!

No matter what carry on and know that beyond your suffering lies grace unimaginable.

It will past quicker the more you open, the more you allow, the more you are prepared to face the truth of your being. The suffering in you, the suffering in all. Learn to center yourself. For me this came from meditation, breath work, yoga, conscious creativity, walking, dreaming, being and so on. That is to say, anything can become a practice if you do it consciously, from your center.

From this center you must feel everything which must be felt. All the trauma, all the distortions, all the pain. Allow it all to come and feel it. Keep your center and feel it.

Have you ever noticed that crying is kind of like vomiting? It has the same kind of reflexology, the same kind of action almost like the body is trying to be rid of something. But what does the pain have to do with tears? Like why does the body heal the emotional pain by producing tears? What connection do the tears have to this pain? Offshoot sorry, a mystery I have been pondering for the past few days. Feel free to clarify. Anyway, allow the tears to flow. They are purifying and beautiful.

How wonderful it is to come to know your innocence again, but this time, it is an earned innocence.

Never give up.




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