The Many within the One


We live in a multi-dimensional reality. That is to say, while our common perceptions and senses may only be aware of the main 3 dimensions which are height, width and depth. There are in fact many dimensions of which we are not commonly aware but which do exist and which are most definitely influencing every other dimension despite our not being aware of them.

Perhaps psychic abilities and “supernatural” experiences are actually experiences of the awareness of these other dimensions breaking through into our conscious reality which is usually, as we said before, only aware of the main three.

Perhaps there are people who are able to see into these other dimensions. Who either by inheritance or learning or both can tune their being into these other dimensions, these other frequencies of existence.

Indeed I have met many beings who most certainly can. But I present it in the way of hypothesis, for the sake of good science.

So imagine these beings. The myth of the Shaman is a very good example, or the medicine man in Native American culture. Often these people were in some way different from the rest of the tribe. Most would fit into certain archetypes which are more common for example warriors, hunters, gatherers, craftspeople and so on. Of course none are better than any other and each has its role to fulfill.

In today’s society I am sure this is still true and we each of us feel callings to fulfill these archetypal roles whatever they may be. Though whether we actually decide to try and heed these calls or at least come to try and understand them is of course another story.

So anyway, these archetypes relate to energy. That is to say; the community in its most natural form is in complete balance. The group as a whole functions as a movement of energy. And each within that group has a certain role to fulfill. A destiny if you like.

So the shaman would be one of the rarer types to be born. Often they would be isolated from the rest of tribe, in many cases they would suffer from some illness or trauma early in life. A trial such as an illness or disease or a split within the shaman which must be overcome early in life is a very common initiation and feature of the lives of such beings.

As are spontaneous occurrences of mystical states and subsequent falling from grace. Being shown the beyond then losing it and coming right back into the shadow, the fears, the abandonment. This occurs again and again until the decision is made to consciously work to free oneself, to conquer the dragon within and take control of the primal energy. Which is, one comes to realize, directly analogous to becoming conscious in any real sense.

In isolation the being of the shaman begins to show them themselves. To show them their power. For many years they live in isolation, honing their intuition, learning their craft, coming to know themselves, coming to form an understanding about the true workings of reality and how to harness these laws to heal first themselves and then others. Like Jung said “only the sick man heals”. Of course, only the one who has been there knows the way.

It is in healing the sickness in themselves that the shaman learns how to heal others. Often the being is led to different plants and medicines also, it is quite extraordinary, the intelligence of this being. It knows exactly what it requires, when one has honed it and tuned into their intuition. A lot of this is listening to the body. The body is like an instrument, we fine tune it by eating right, not only material food but spiritual food, mental food, emotional food, all that we take in is a kind of nourishment, so choose that which is the most nourishing. Then the body becomes sensitive and able to pick up on these more subtle vibrations, communications from being.

I often consider “schizophrenic” people in regard to this. I once knew a “schizophrenic” man who unfortunately killed himself due to his inner conflict but his writing and person had a very mystical quality. It seems to me that most of the problems of this “illness” come from the conflict between parts. A great deal of the conflict probably  stems from society’s shunning of people who are “mentally ill” and indeed from the fact that we need to live in this world of walking around being defined by words at all. The person filters all of their experience through the idea that they are this thing and thus are unable to contact their perceptions directly. They see everything through the idea that they are this thing, this “illness”.

This is not a state of openness therefore reality cannot manifest. How else can one perceive reality other than with an open mind? A mind that can reason sure but still an open mind, not boxed in by presuppositions but seeing something as it is now, clearly, without holding anything before it. Once people are in this box it becomes difficult for most including themselves to see through it to the actuality which is there, behind all labels, being as it is. They talk to or see through the perceived “illness” rather than looking at the immediate actuality of the person or object.

Though it could be argued that we are all doing this to each other – talking to the role, the idea we have of someone rather than opening to their ever – changing and unique selves. Maybe we are doing it to ourselves too, boxing ourselves into our perceived definitions and limitations and thus allowing nothing new in, our self imposed chains become a kind of self fulfilling prophecy. An endless loop which can only change accidentally, as we are not consciously allowing and seeking new information and experience.

And if this is true of our perception of self and others, why not of the world and reality too? We constrain and blind ourselves to everything with our definitions which like our notions of others prevent us from seeing them in their ever changing and miraculous reality.

So to return to my friend –  perhaps in a more being – connected culture he would have been revered, perhaps had he been more accepted his “illness” would have found its soil and blossomed into wisdom. Who knows.

You may notice my use of quotation marks around what I am saying. I mostly do this as I wonder what is normal and who is deciding? What platform are they standing on when they say that? Are they standing on the platform of a culture which sends young men and women to war, which lies to its people and promotes meaninglessness and narcissism?

If so then I am skeptical of all which comes from this platform. I believe it is a very shaky, unstable and unbalanced platform and all that comes from it must be equally shaky and unbalanced having come from such foundations.

So yes. There are many dimensions. Within us and without us, existing simultaneously and each is influencing the other. We can, I think and propose, become aware of the communications of these other dimensions and learn their inner language, to then consciously fulfill the purposes of these other dimensions and thus promote harmony within ourselves and without ourselves. To become aware of and live in the deeper levels of reality, of truth, of everything. To consciously participate in the larger purposes of the great mystery.

The keys to these dimensions are found through inner work. Through meditation, through being, through effort. Through learning from a good teacher or teachers, who in my experience like the old saying; “when the student is ready then the master will come” will indeed come when the time is right.

Often they can be found through psychedelic experience and indeed the use of sacred medicines such as Ayahuasca, Mescaline and magic mushrooms to name but a few is an integral part of much of shamanism and if much of the research and ideas I have seen are correct, an intergral part of the growth of civilization and culture itself. See Terrence McKenna’s “stoned ape” Theory and the “Eleusinian mysteries” and perhaps listen to some Graham Hancock lectures for more information on that.

I have partaken in much sacred medicine myself and can most certainly see that it is very helpful, it holds a key to other dimensions of reality and ourselves. It definitely has a huge energetic effect and is often life changing. It can shift old patterns and show us new ways of being. It can open doors which allow us to see the inner workings of the universe.

But of course we still have to be prepared to do the work on ourselves. It isn’t magic. It requires understanding and integration. It requires us to treat the medicines as sacred, to take them in a spiritual manner for the purpose of coming to understand more and thus be come a more whole and healed person which can hopefully bloom out from you and heal and touch others also. In any case, I can see and find no problem with the idea that psychedelics have played a large role in our history.

So… just be open. Try new things, new people, new experiences. Know what an open mind is. If the mind begins to contract and say this is this and this and that and he is just doing this and she is doing that and everything is this… then you know it isn’t open. Open it.

Be conscious, be aware, retain contact with your being but open, feel, experience. Feel what your being is telling you through your body, your senses, intuitions, feelings. If stories come up in the mind then re center yourself in being, in feeling. Be with it, allow the new to come in. Allow yourself to be transformed by it. Healed by it.

Chant. Say thom. Let it extend out like thommmmmmmm. It clears your head. Say nay. Extend it like naaayyyyyyy. Also clears the head and centers you in the being.

By being open life can take us beyond our perceived limitations and show us new dimensions.







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