HTB172S7PFXXXXcPXFXXq6xXFXXXRChanting is a very centering and calming practice to adopt. It also improves the breathing and strengthens the voice and I what I find particularly good about it is that it can be treated like an exercise as its effects are fairly mechanical in many ways.

What I mean by that is that much of its effects come from the vibrations produced in the body by the way the sound hits certain parts.

Different sounds, different ways of pushing energy through the mouth, produce vibrations and effects in different areas of the body. Sound itself is of course vibrations. Everything is vibrating! Stepping into the world of vibration changes everything. Illness becomes different, the body becomes different, life changes very quickly!

Two particular favourites of mine are “thom” and “nay”. These are of course extended out into thommmmmmmm and nayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. The vibrations produced by these sounds can be focused on different parts of the body. Also remember to breathe deep into the belly before each chant.

If you do this every day you will get better. In the beginning it might feel strange and vulnerable to hear your voice out loud unless you are a singer. It may be quavery but it will get stronger quickly if you develop a daily practice.

Ohmmmm is of course the traditional chanting sound. Do whatever feels good for you. The most important thing is to breathe deep and direct the vibrations to where you want them to go.

Good places to hit are the third eye area which is located in the middle of the forehead, between the eyes. I find this clears the mind of thoughts and centers me. It is also a very good preparation for meditation. Often visualisations can occur.

Another good place is the belly, this can be good if you have a sore stomach, or if you want to ground more in being if you are floating away too much in the higher realms.

The belly is the resting place, the being place, the deep place. It is where we want feel and center ourselves as awareness – living light. See for more on this or if you want to go even deeper.

Being in the belly is kind of like plugging in. It lines everything up and puts it in its right place.

The heart can also be focused on, the spiritual heart that is, which is in the center of the chest – slightly to the right. If you feel the need to open up and get in touch with feeling.

Do what feels good. Chant on. Who cares if they can hear you? Maybe they will join you.

Peace x

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