Meditating BuddhaOK so… The first and perhaps only rule of relaxation is… Relaxation cannot be forced. This is the antithesis of true relaxation. Relaxation is to completely allow yourself to sink into being. With no objectives. No ideas. No past or future. No worries. No-thing.

Everything must be allowed to drop in order for true relaxation to occur. Allow yourself to do and be nothing at all. Allow all the masks of life to drop away. Allow all thoughts, worries and anxieties to drop away. Take a bath. Go lie in the sun, in the forest gazing up at the tree canopies. Allow yourself to simply be.

Come out of the head and drop right down into the belly, down as deep as you can go and rest there. The interesting question to ask and one which I didn’t for a while is; “what is it that is dropping down into the belly, or which is dwelling in the heart or in the mind watching the thoughts and experiences as an observer, as pure awareness? What is this essence?”

It is, purely and simply, allowing yourself to be completely still. It is extremely regenerative. If you don’t put some time in for relaxation everyday you will burn out.

Don’t read about it, don’t complicate it, just be.

I shouldn’t even be writing this. I will only complicate something which is by its very nature complete simplicity. I will just post a song instead, a very beautiful song which has provided me with many precious moments of relaxation.

I hope it does so for you too.

Peace x





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