Open Mindedness

6360838249213777891145625483_Open MindI cannot stress how important and illuminating it has been for me to open my mind and free myself from its tight rigidity.

The rigidity is inherited through a mass consensual reality which when looked at in any real sense begins to completely fall apart.

It ultimately comes down to this. Nobody knows what the hell is going on. Your parents don’t know, scientists don’t know, your friends don’t know, nobody knows!

If you want to teach something to someone. Open mindedness is a pretty good thing to teach them. Then answers to questions can bloom naturally within them rather than people being filled with copies of copies of copies which they don’t even understand when probed beyond the parrot like repetition of the words themselves.

Some people know more than others and this comes from being open enough to see life objectively and observe in it the cycles of change, the growth of trees from a tiny seed, the microcosmic experience of the macrocosm that is human subjectivity.

But even these people cannot fully fathom the depths of this great mystery called life, they can only observe apparent laws in life’s manifestation which occur repeatedly and thus can be called laws and operate and come to understand deeper and deeper levels of the great mystery.

If you have mastered a craft or just traveled far enough along the way of mastery to come to this realization, you will know that everything is endless. If you are a musician the unfolding of your musical understanding and seeing will never end, it is bottomless. The same can be said for the master carpenter, who knows what spirits they are seeing in that wood!

So by knowing this about your craft, you can infer that this truth holds for all masters of every craft and discipline. This is a very humbling realization.

Whatever way you go in life you will find something in it if you are dedicated, in fact, if you are truly dedicated, the revelations will never end. This is a multi dimensional world. Like the holy grail story, each enters the forest containing the grail from their own point of entry. Their journey through the forest is unique and it is theirs.

Hence the importance of open mindedness. Open mindedness allows you to see your own unique point of entry, which is found through following your deepest passions. That which enthralls you, that which fills you with joy and excitement and mystery.

If you have traveled far enough into your craft, your love, then you know that is an endless unfolding. So knowing this and knowing that others have traveled far into their crafts also, be humble in the face of their unique wisdom and allow it to permeate you. This too is openness. How can anything enter you if you are closed?

I have heard this from very logically minded people, they say they wouldn’t leave behind their structures in any experience. Well if this is so then nothing can enter. It is like going to a party and spending the whole time with your jumper over your head humming your own tunes to yourself then leaving and saying well there is definitely nothing in that I just feel the same as before.

Of course you do! Only by opening to life can life open to you. Hence why it is so important to leave our preconceptions, judgements and past experiences behind to behold and experience everything as fresh, unknown and new. Then the true fragrances of life can be found which will transform and lighten and develop you into something real.

Clinging always comes from fear. Fear of leaving behind our structures which are akin to a raft floating in the middle of a deep and unknowable ocean. Nobody wants to fall into the ocean and drown in the mysterious depths.

But it is in these depths, that the treasure is found. And in any case, whether we jump or whether our raft is battered and beaten by storms until it disintegrates, we will find ourselves in this ocean. So why not jump willingly, from a point of strength?







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