Further expositions on the Light

alchemical-sun-moonThe eagle never lost so much time as when he submitted to learn of the crowWilliam Blake

What a pleasure it is to grind with you all on this cosmic grind-house we call earth. The pinnacle of the third dimension, the bridge. We stand with one half in the divine and one half in the animal world. We feel this conflict within.

It is the conflict which generates being. This is how we grow here. Better to accept it rather than fight it.

So in the spirit of this friendly opposition whose aim is mutual growth, I put forth myself, my views, my truth for you to pick apart as you will. In fact I encourage you to do so.

Lately I have felt rather like I have entered a field which is all my own and there is very few here to find affinity with, to grind with.

I love friction. I crave friction. Friction means growth. I love to grow and I love others to grow too. It is the energy of life and it is beautiful.

So to begin I would like to make a few things clear with regards to my output of late as I have been realising more and more lately the limitations of this language and all the problems and misunderstandings that it can create.

When I say love is everything. I don’t mean hushy gushy stupid love. I mean love as the fundamental action of the one being growing as itself. The field of unity which I’m sure we have all encountered at one point in our lives apart from the most emotionally stunted of us.

Inner fulfillment and wholeness bloom from the unification of the masculine and feminine principles within which can be loosely called reason and energy.

This inner cry for unity is first felt as the desire for union with another, the love of another. In the other we sense and feel our inner unity. We crave reunification. Most people stay here, endlessly trying to fulfill in others what is in fact an outer manifestation of an inner need.

This is not at all a denial of the importance and beauty of human relationship, but an acknowledgment of the fact that so long as we are not whole, so long as we are trying to fulfill our inner needs through another or through objects we will suffer. True love and appreciation can be only between two people who are whole in themselves.

When I talk about light I don’t mean lets all escape into the light and forget about the darkness. I mean light as the fundamental essence. The awareness which drops down and blooms like a tree from within.

The path from ignorance to knowledge is very much like the procession of light no? Furthest away from its source the light is wide, diffuse. The closer it gets to the source the more narrow it becomes, the more refined, the more careful we must become in our words and deeds.

We have become rather too material. The apparent solidity of the world has become concreted in us and we are imprisoned by the illusion of matter.

What we perceive as solid and whole is in fact made up of many smaller things, vibrating at a rate which is proportional to the object’s density.

In light of this, excuse the pun, the path becomes very interesting indeed when we discover the essence of ourselves, the core, the inner light, the fundamental energy within, the BEING.

If you do not understand what I am saying it is of no surprise to me. I know very well the path I have trodden to reach this understanding. It is undertaken by very few, and in the beginning even I myself only undertook it because I had no choice.

Once the initial often unwelcome tumbling down into the unknown is complete however, conscious engagement is necessary to further develop one’s understanding and embodiment. It is a voluntary trip into the abyss, into the darkness.

At the time it seemed a curse, now I see it to be the most enormous of blessings.

It is a journey in which you will wrestle with self doubt, self loathing, constant barriers which only recede when you learn the lesson, the very sobering realization of our inhumanity and darkness, of the horrors we have inflicted on each other through the generations.

All the shame that has been inflicted on you by the unconsciousness of others that has solidified into petrified energy will have to be encountered.

All the shame which you inflicted on others from your pain will have to be encountered also.

All that which you put outside yourself is in you. We love to blame. We love to shame. Read the front of any newspaper and you will see it.

The society creates illness and imbalance in people, then ostracizes and shames people for being ill and imbalanced.

A ridiculous phenomenon don’t you think?

For most life is a constant running away from silence. A frantic effort to plug every whole and turn up the volume enough to drown out its call.

For whatever reason, some kind of abiding curiosity and exploratory nature I suppose. I decided to make friends with the silence.

To me it is like the soil. The mysterious shimmering light of being from which all things magically grow.

Its microcosmic equivalent is the space of your mind. The space from which thoughts and images arise.

Be yourself, follow your own light, don’t waste your time trying to please others and be what you think society/ friends/ family want you to be.

The beauty of you is in your pure and natural expression, children are it without knowing. Understanding blooms when you come to know it.



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