The Alchemy of Soul

stufftoblowyourmind-23-2014-02-wheelofsamsara-full.jpgIf there is no contact with the essence, the cycles of samsara will play out infinitely and mechanically until one comes to realise this essence.

Life is deeply holographic, deeply multi dimensional, deeply bendable as anyone who has meditated deeply or taken psychedelics or just had a mystical experience will tell you. Matter and its solidity is determined by the vibratory rate of its constituent particles which can be broadly categorized as light.

The capacity to contain the light is the ability to be more wisdom. Light my friend, light is the key…

What I tell of below is a way of containing and embodying that light to its fullest capacity and of creating in oneself a solid and untouchable core in the belly which is felt as a full presence – though all may spin around it, the core remains untouched.

From this core we may pass through all kinds of experiences multi dimensional or otherwise, we gain full mastery of the emotions and thoughts knowing them to be energy which can also be utilized into this cycle and transformed into something beneficial to ourselves and others.

When one is stable there they can spin as fast as they like and though the body spins, they know themselves as that untouchable core and therefore are not touched by the dizziness.

It is a way of focusing all attention on this inner core of presence and thus growing outward from this core. It may seem hard to understand but there is something gained in the attempt to understand which is also very important for the process itself, it is very holistic. So here it is;

The primal energies of the lower regions must make their way up the spine to the palace to meet the king called Reason and there they must submit themselves to him and arrange in the dark and spacious chamber located in the middle of the head directly behind the golden throne.

alchprocess.jpgThe king whose parents were logic and wisdom now on his throne between the eyes can meet with his queen the heart (passion) who was born of desire and energy – and there produce the divine child. The queen heaves beneath the king with the bellows of the breath, the seed is formed.

One bathes the inner light by allowing the body to sink into complete relaxation, the eyes look at the end of the nose, a link is formed between the palace between the eyes and the solar plexus. The seed falls to rest deep in the earth of the belly, the breath is deep through the nose, the tongue is placed on the roof of the mouth to make the circle complete. The breath swells the groin, belly and chest but is inaudible.

The seed is nourished from below by the reproductive fire. The energy/ breath moves from the perineum up the back to the crown where the eagle stands proud with his wings outstretched on the in breath, the sun shines, the clouds gather and on the out breath fall like rain down the central channel of the body to land upon the seed and once again be dispersed into the earth to begin the cycle anew with the next inhalation.

The circulation is formed, the seed is nourished, the seed grows.

In order for the seed to fully germinate, the fire of all ones passion, the sexual energy and all the energies of the body must be singularly focused with the will into the seed.

This does not mean sex has to be negated, so long as the inward flowing method is performed and the explosive energy of orgasm is pulled inward and taken into the orbit to further nourish the seed rather than being thrown outwards and dissipated.

This is now the cycle, the orbit completely regulated by the breath. One fully embodies their true nature as essence through understanding of the bodies nature as a vessel for the light to shine through. A container for wisdom.

There will be more natural movements and happenings of this process, the main thing to remember is to stay with the presence, stay with the breath, stay with the cycle, remain rooted to this untouchable core of presence, regardless of what happens, inwardly or outwardly.

May you know and be the light of wisdom.



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