Truth Embodiment

The_Immortal_Soul_of_the_Taoist_AdeptYou may have noticed, or begun to notice the three main dimensions of truth realization. They are the truth of the head as basic space, the truth of the heart as the one being and the truth of the gut as authority – truth embodied and brought down in earthly form.

The truth of the head, the basic space located in the middle of the head behind the third eye area. The realization that one is not the thoughts but the ground of awareness from which the thoughts arise, the observer and the subsequent realization that all things are empty – i.e. nothing in itself inherently exists but exists as a part of the whole – the indivisible one. the indivisible one can also be microsmically compared to that very ground from which the thoughts arise – the limitless field, the black light.

The truth of the heart which is the path of feeling, the path which unfolds as the following of ones deepest passion – the love if fully embodied comes to the realization that it is the one which it is loving – the love is realized to be the movement of the one being looking after itself.

The truth of the gut is the truth of being, the truth that is brought down to earth – the awareness comes to rest deep in the body and blooms from there – to me it seems that this is a kind of progression.

When the observer is realized there blooms the question – what is the essence of this observer? It is found that this observer is not only localized in the head, but is a kind of living light which can move and be anywhere within the central channel (its tendrils can also creep down the legs and arms but its main being is located in the central channel which is the middle of the head to the perineum).

It then makes perfect sense that the real resting place and home for this living light, this awareness, is in the stomach. it rests there and from then blooms like a seed. The belly is the soil, the groin is the fire that nourishes the seed from below, this is alchemy, the circulation of the light is the process of nourishing that seed into a great tree of awareness which blooms in all dimensions – remember we are in a holographic reality, every process is mirrored in a different way in all dimensions of the one being, here is a description of that process;

May your flower bloom, in this lifetime or another.




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