The Immutable Core

Chinese Alchemy Philosphers stone diagramHave you yet found the immutable core? It is found in the lower abdomen, the seed grows from here.

This is the “foundation stone of truth” – the solid core of presence in which one can root oneself and from here come to know and embody the mystery of life/ consciousness (

To root oneself in the core is to know oneself as the immortal essence.

We imagine an upside down conical shape coming out of our crown and taking in the celestial light of god, light, consciousness from above.

We feel ourselves connect with the core of the earth and we feel our primal sexual energy (the energy of life itself).

Using the pelvic floor and our inward focus, we bring this energy up into the space of the head, where the two energies, celestial and primal, meet and grow.

The eyes look at the end of the nose, a link is formed between here and the solar plexus, the breath is deep into the groin, stomach and chest but is inaudible.

We take this energy and using our inward focus, visualisation and feeling, we circulate it round the body, down the front of the body on the exhale down to the perineum, feeling also the primal earth energy come up our legs and meet this energy once more before taking it up the spine into the head on the inhale and so on…

This is the circulation of the light meditation.

Whenever we feel the need we can “pump” more primal, life, sexual energy by utilising the pelvic floor and further grow the intensity of our being presence.

There will be developments and evolution in this process if we stick to it – but this is basically the fundamental container which will allow us to grow and develop as being, consciousness, soul, bliss.

May your flower bloom.



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