The Path

b4048e9e7406ca05a29ecd982bae53ebThe true “spiritual” path is a movement into truth, it always has been. How deep does it go? How deep do we go? What is the true nature of our relationship to life? everything here seems to have a purpose when it is in balance.
When one looks at the forest one sees that everything is in harmony, the beavers build the dam, the deer eat the grass, the wolves eat the deer, the leaves fall and nourish the ground which grows the trees and plants, the trees create oxygen, the insects feed the birds, the birds feed the bigger birds… You get the idea.
So one begins to wonder, is there a purpose which nature has for us? It wouldn’t be so far out to assume so as everything else does seem to form a part of the cosmic balance.
In order to find what this purpose could be, we could say- the purpose of each thing is found in its unique nature – that which makes it stand out from everything else.
For the human being – this is most certainly the ability to know itself – to not just be a part of the wheel of life but to also know and realize this and come to understand it and thus somewhat remove itself from the wheel. Though this could also be the downfall of the human, if it is not kept in balance, if it does not return to nature what it takes.
It seems to me that the pinnacle of a human working at its full function is a human which uses that part of itself which is out of the wheel in order to create structures that work symbiotically with nature and thus evolve and help nature grow in this way.
It is very obvious that we are not in balance now and it is also very obvious that nature is beginning to let us know this but I do believe it is possible for us to move into a harmonious relationship with nature and create a new more balanced civilization.
But this won’t just happen. Nor is blaming or shaming or falling into the polarity machine of going this way or that way and shouting at the other side Ra Ra Ra of any use to anyone or anything.
What will bring it about is when each person follows their own inner passion and truth to find their core and thus harmonize with the greater web to produce harmony. The being is crying out beneath all this weight, in dreams, in illness, perhaps it is time to listen to it no?
It is like anything which one goes into, in the beginning we are completely naive, we have all kinds of assumptions based on the outer rim of the reality which is shone out for those to follow back to its source if they so desire.
The truth is always stranger than the fiction let me tell you that.
Regardless of all this, regardless of what may be encountered within ones experience, it is important to root oneself properly. All things spiral out and proceed from the core, the center in the midst of conditions. Like light, as we move closer to the source of the light, the path becomes somewhat thinner, we have to become more careful and the smallest deviation can be felt quite intensely.
So root oneself in the core, in the stomach, and know that regardless of the spinning, regardless of the light shows and angels and demons and whatever else that may arise that you are not lost in these places.
You are rooted in this core and that which is spinning is that which is rising out from this core and not you.
The wholeness is looking out and trying to find wholeness in external things – not realizing that it itself is the wholeness which it is looking for.

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