One Becomes One Again

TW_Alchemy2_670Any pattern within the mind or indeed any personality structure which clings to its inherent reality as an object which exists apart from and separate from all other things will come up strongly in this kind of work and self examination.

Indeed this is much of the work, the reunification of these “shattered” aspects into the central energy structure of the being.

For the dealing with such things, I have found the very best method, is when we become utterly certain of the futility of them.

This should be known…

Any attempts to horde energy and create a kingdom in and for yourself alone are inherently bound to fail as they simply cannot stand the hurricanes and waterfalls of truth which will come forth from this endless and unfathomable source.

As soon as one tries to take this power as ones own it will disappear, it does not belong to us, it comes THROUGH us so we can think of such structures as parasitical, until they are brought into the light of being they are sucking the energy of their hosts.

It can also be said that the truest strength is in overcoming such things, it is the strongest thing because it is the hardest, it is far more easy to succumb to them, so again this makes the power grasping mechanisms all the more futile and unconsidered.

This should not mean we should “demonise” or judge such structures. They are simply aspects of self which have been dislocated from the central structure of being either through trauma or the environment or however it happens.

Unable to derive their energy from the fundamental connection to being which is also fundamentally connected to everything they must resort to obtaining energy in “sneaky” ways.

They are also, it is important to note, very often our most important teachers and initiators in our entrance into the great mystery of ourselves, of existence, of everything.

These “usurpers” – fractured personality structures which have become separate from the whole and which seek dominion, power and INHERENT EXISTENCE within this unified energy matrix – transpire from the fear of the void which is the dark womb of all life and creation and the subsequent clinging to various “rafts” which serve to keep it from meeting with this eternal blackness also transpires.

The raft will break though, eventually, and one will meet with the dark mother, this game cannot last forever.

Without a meeting with this void which is the mysterious foundation of all that exists there can be no re birth in the true form.

Without the realisation of this ground of essential being there can only be illusions within illusions within illusions, creating whole paradigms and systems based on illusion, rewarding illusions with illusions – patting each other on the back for our illusions.

A most obvious form of this phenomenon is our modern society which is completely founded on avoidance and running away from the “void” which is the eternal blackness and the ground of all being.

Hence the ephemeral and unfulfilling nature of this materialist paradigm – it has no ground, it is quite literally floating in space, its entire purpose is in the running away from any kind of reality and in the celebration of all that is pointless and ignorant and futile, all that distracts and keeps one away from the fundamental reality of interconnectedness, essential being and lack of inherent existence.

Dissolve in the light of non judgement and clarity and compassion, all that which grasps to “SOMETHING”.

The coagulation now dissolved, the energy moves back into the central structure.
These separate entities; “CRYSTALLISATIONS” of self grasping ignorance – ideas of something inherently existing rather than existing as a part of something greater and having no real existence as itself, are like parasites, sapping the energy of their host, living out whole lives of illusion.

But in the realisation of their non reality and futility in the face of THE ALL – this energy is re integrated into the central structure of BEING – the microcosmic central node within the human which in its alignment macro-cosmically aligns with the greater field of consciousness and we become whole and natural once more where before we were perverted and deviated, mired in the muck of our mistaken ideas of separation and isolation from the whole.

Such ventures can go for so long but are eventually bound to fail – one cannot exist for long as a separate entity – we are intrinsically bound to the whole in every way – energetically, physically, mentally, spiritually.

It is more than conceptual – this field of living, pulsating, unified life is real in every sense – it is found in our dissolution as separate identities and reunification with the field of black light from which the true identity is born.

The “individuality” thus born is the manifestation in form of this mysterious intelligence which is inherent within the black light.

Acquaint yourself with this mysterious soil of being. Give up your need to know. Rest there in non action and allow the intelligence of life to move in and as itself.
Then let us see what happens.




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