The Call of the Soul

6c4360f07b6ee97e3e7a919db1ef5250The soul will find the way back to its true home only by speaking in its true language which is the arising which comes from the great nothing.

Be still and see what emerges from this soil of complete relaxation and immersion into the great field of nothing/ everything.

When we are not moving because of external factors (fear of judgement, fear of failure desire to be “something”, to attain something etc), but moving with the wave which emerges from the great silence of nothing (Which is the mysterious soil of everything), this is the true movement.

Hence the need for the recognizance and dissolution of the crystallization of rogue elements in the light of non judgement – it is all just nothing arising from nothing so no need to judge.

All that is truly required is to hold space for the more stubborn of these crystallizations and allow them to dissolve back into the nothing/everything.

There is truly no need to “fix” anything – like I said, it really is all just nothing. – my achievements, look how great I am etc etc.It all just ultimately gets in the way of the thing itself which is the pure and total being and doing of the thing whatever it may be.

The true crystallization which is the crystallization of the eternal state can only arise in this way.

The resting in the great nothing and nourishing the self with non action + the circulation of the light which is the proper alignment and movement of the energies of the body + willingness to hold space for these more stubborn of blocks/traumas which we may hold in our psyche/ body/ everything and allowing them to dissolve into the nothing/ everything + movement into feeling, intuiting and inner knowing rather than thinking (which can be useful but is very often the spiraling nothings into the great labyrinth of nothing/ everything).

Nothing else is required other than to be with this process and patiently tend to its nourishment and unfolding.

The beings who are meant to be in communion with you will naturally resonate and come into your existence when you are brave enough to step into the full being of yourself.

The communication/ communion of which I am speaking is with the one who is above and below and within and without all things and if its communication/ communion be purely personal in moments then so be it – It is pure intelligence – Its movements will touch exactly where they need to touch, just when they need to touch them.

Is the desire to fit and garner likes and all the rest of it and not “rock the boat” greater than the desire to be and fully embody ones full essence which is the arising which comes from the great nothing?

If so then this road is not for you, not yet at least.

By its very nature the road is pointed… But all beings will walk it some day or another.
It must be so.

It may at times be lonely, but when the aloneness becomes an inner communion with everything then we see…

Truth embodied walks to the beat of its own drummer,
and lets all which must fall away fall away.


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