The True Voice

I speak for those who understand my language. In the midst of these resonances somewhere, truth can be found.
In the willingness to cry out across these barren landscapes in the cry that is uniquely yours, you may find companionship, love, great surprises and mystery – often in unlikely places.
People will only see things as deep as “THEY” are – There is no judgement in this – for does the deepening ever end?
And in truth, their true nature is a deep as deep can be.
Often times we surprise ourselves with later glimpses of truths spoken from the heart, their multidimensionality revealed – their revealingness revealed in the slower ticking eye of after thought!
There is something in us which knows the ways of nature, the ways of earth, the ways of heaven.
Its call can be heard when all is quiet, no seeking to obtain, no striving to impress.
Ever more subtlety, ever more grace, ever more resting in the great mother, ever more breathing and moving in time with in the infinite rising and falling of existence.
If you are not speaking in your own voice, in whose voice are you speaking?



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