The Lion devours the King

55e2f4b22cf9616b9a459a67cc8825cb--johan-rosariesTurn your pain into creativity. Transmute lead into gold. In the lower abdomen the battery is found…

The king is the living light of awareness – his palace is decorated with a golden raiment and is found in the space of the head (the top middle) and his throne sits between the eyes.

The lion is the sexual (Kundalini) energy, the great water is the lower abdomen in between the “mountains and valleys of the world”.

The lion devours the king and takes him down into the great water thus liberating him. The king can now move freely through his kingdom…

A great white net lies amidst the blackness. Though it may not be visible, its threads stretch through and unite all things in a field of oneness and harmonious interchange. There are those however who have separated from the kingdom and set up camp out-with the city gates…

From their place outside they hurl rocks and make noise, distracting the king from his duties.

These outlaws must be brought into the kingdom (this refers to the holding of any separate aspects of ourselves in loving presence until they merge back into our fundamental being presence) and their quarrels heard, until peace can again fall upon the kingdom.

When this work has been done the circulation can commence and nature can re – establish her dominion, the king governing this process from his throne between the eyes and moving as needs dictate to the 7 regions of his kingdom.

The breath is rhythmical, slow and deep. On the in breath it moves up the spine to the space of the head, on the out breath it falls down the front channel (tongue on roof of mouth).

It should also be noted that before any of this can occur, the king must proceed up the 6 regions of his kingdom and settle in the seventh.

The human body is a temple. Learn its language. Learn its layout. Learn the micro – macro cosmic relationships found within it.

Come to know the living light – it has the power to heal one’s self and others.


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