Crystallisation of the Eternal State

28722133885_050a963742_c“But our Stone, as it has been bequeathed to me by the Ancients, is derived from two things, and one thing, in which is concealed a third thing. This is the purest truth, and a most faithful saying”  Basil Valentine

I have talked before in my writings of this process… the process of crystallisation of being which occurs when one holds themselves in the midst of two polarities.

A simple example; One is trying to lose weight. One sees a biscuit lying on the table and feels the immense temptation to eat the biscuit. One also feels a strong voice come up which is saying; “no, I am on a diet, I should not be eating such things, I should have more self control”.

In such a situation three things are possible.

1. One eats the biscuit (thus probably feeling remorseful after the short lived pleasure of eating the biscuit has gone).

2. One controls ones urge to eat the biscuit and follows the rational voice instead (Perhaps leaving them feeling dry and robbed of pleasurable experience by the need for self control).

3. Realising the opportunity such a polarising situation brings (perhaps there are more powerful examples for this than a biscuit but one gets the idea right?) one forgets all about the biscuit and instead sits down and stills oneself, utilising the power generated by these two opposing forces in order to produce an inner crystallisation of “being” in the furnace of these opposing inner forces.

This is essentially the meaning of the black white and red dots in this picture (they also represent states of being, black being the unworked upon state – the void, the blackness, the white being the light which enters the blackness and the red being the crystallised state) and the idea behind crystallisation itself. It is mostly found in non action – in the simple holding of oneself in the fire of ones inner polarity rather than indulging either direction.

In this holding is generated a quality of being-ness which can then begin to be called an “I AM” in a real sense, as when we look at ourselves without this there is no permanent state, there is only the blind following of autonomous impulses.

The main inner version we find of this and the kind of “parent” if you will of all other versions of this we encounter can be looked at in terms of reason and energy.

The unworked upon sexual, animalistic energies are chaotic and wild without reason. Reason is cold and austere without these primal energies of life.

Unless this is realised in some capacity there can be no arising of the true “I am” state which is the state of “being-ness” generated in non action. We will simply be pulled here and there by whatever force is strongest in that particular moment.

Alchemy is the reunification of these two opposing forces – first they must be recognised as energy. Everything is energy, thoughts in their bare essence without the words – energy. Feelings, emotions – Energy.

We must come to see things in this way and properly hold our body space in order for these things to move properly and in the case of this particular exercise – Create a solid foundation stone in the lower abdomen for the living light to circulate in a process which micro-macro cosmically ties in with the creation (chicken or the egg one does find as is so often the case, at the very least we can say a link is formed) of the astral body and which also allows one to heal afflictions of body mind and spirit.

Here is the exercise which one must do for this state to occur.

It functions like a container. One must do nothing else other than hold this form and move the energy in this way.

The rest will organically proceed from this container.

Any difficult emotions, fears or traumas which arise in us must also be felt in their bare essence as energy and taken into this cycle.

Also knowing these things to be energy, one can breathe into them to loosen them and take them back into the central energetic structure.

A further healing method – One pulls the Kundalini (sexual) energy up the spine to each chakra (energy center) when that is there one breathes into the chakra to swell the presence there.

The presence can now be utilized into the cycle as beneficial energy.

The pelvic floor will need to be strong to pull the Kundalini energy upwards with the kegel muscle.

This is done by practicing the inward flowing method and by exercising this muscle in general.

Also of note; in the picture below the toad represents the Kundalini energy. Much like the lion in the other picture, one can imagine it leaping up in the same way the Kundalini energy does when it moves up the spine and over the head then down into the “battery” of the body which is the “great water” in between the “mountains and valleys of the world” – the lower abdomen, in between the “V” formed by the obliques.







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