The Divine Comedy

blake_divinecomedy8Keep pushing your little shit ball up the mountain, until both you and the shit ball disappear. Then you will fall down upon the warm sand, and laugh so hard that the whole cosmos will hear you and ring in unison with you.

We are all pushing or have pushed a shit ball of one kind or another… A world view, a set of conditionings and/or beliefs which keep us locked into a particular reality and which prevents us from experiencing the reality of ourselves as love.

In many ways it gives the very incentive, the very drive for existence to happen – This is the realm of divine comedy… The paradox of existence. Our godliness, our humanness, our saintliness, our wickedness… Both two sides of the same coin – needing each other – giving each form, growing from each other.

One who makes no “mistakes” learns not, one who is not prepared to be a fool sometimes and who takes their ideas of themselves very seriously will learn nothing.

This is a closed state – the path is found in opening, dissolving resistance, becoming a creative participant in existence rather than a reactor.

This involves BEING with ourselves, being with our fracturedness, being with our woundedness and containing it, no matter how painful it is, no matter how hard it seems – this is the way.

In the containment of this energy “something” is realized – in this working with everything in its pure form as energy we fall deeper and deeper down into existence and see more and more of the causal where before we were lost in the world of effects.

We fall, so to speak, right into ourselves.

In the non dual path it is put like this – Who is the one who is aware of the activities of the mind – the observer – who is aware of the observer – the light of being – who is aware of that one – the unified field of existence itself, God, the Self.

The light of being is like a little whirlpool of the big light which is the Self.

The further we drop the more we are pure life moving as itself, the more we are pure consciousness learning from itself.

Willingness to participate, willingness to own our responsibility for our part in the events of our lives, willingness to face the truth, willingness to face our fears, willingness to bear our burden and take every challenge as an opportunity to grow, the willingness to forgive and let go of resentments we may hold towards people, the willingness to bear responsibility for our past unconscious actions, the will to go on combined with the humbleness and fluidity to adapt to the needs of the moment and let go all which does not serve the now….

These are some keys which may help us on our journey.

When we are moving on this path, we will fall sometimes, though if we are prepared to be with it all the fall becomes part of it also. In our rising up we are stronger, more sure, more real than we were before.

May these words find you well.









2 thoughts on “The Divine Comedy

    1. Yes it came to me in a flash of insight, as I pondered the multiple shit balls I have pushed up mountains in my own existence, carrying my shit ball around with me everywhere, across continents, countries – Sometimes we find ourselves crucified – stuck with no apparent way out – I find the best medicine is to stop trying to escape and just laugh at all of it, at ourselves, at everything and just let it all fall away. Then the light moves of its own accord and all moves back into some kind of order this is Wu Wei – to act without acting – the true movement is born from our stillness.

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