The Importance of Nothing


“Nothing”, black primordial space – shimmering darkness. It can be seen as the luminescence, the ground of mind, the shimmering blackness from which all things arise…

Micro – macrocosmically it can be seen as the soil of mind. Alchemically speaking it is the “Nigredo” the foundational state of being in which the great work begins.

It is necessary for us to become nothing in order for the true birth to arise.

There is an inherent potential within the nothing so when one holds to one’s natural state – pure body awareness, loving presence – there will be a movement from here which will be the true movement.

Like the soil, the sun – mysterious yang energy – penetrates this inherent potential within nothing and produces “something”.

So speaking in the most practical terms possible, we must allow the complete drop of energy down into the lower abdomen and hold ourselves here as nothing…

Learning to discern the true movement (the movement born from the whole which is found when we “unravel” or “burn” the untrue in us which is very often a painful process) from the false (any movement coming from external pressure, identity patterns, anything not coming from the absolute foundation of “being-ness, body presence, loving awareness) is a key point which will most likely take some trial and error to do.

To surrender is not to do nothing – it is to drop down into the depths of our bodies and allow the full penetration of consciousness into matter – the body is inherently connected to everything – dropping into our bodies is dropping down into existence itself – God.

In this dropping down we drop into ourselves – outwardly it becomes undeniable that there are threads connecting us – threads which do when looked at honestly seem to desire evolution – evolution of BEING that is – not knowledge, unless that knowledge be further used to evolve the BEING.

Recurring patterns, broad arcs seen in ones life though (hopefully, if one is progressing) each time we deal with whatever situations they present better than we did before. Synchronicities, strange coincidences and meaningful encounters, general harmony and always getting what you NEED.

It is very much a fall and one must be brave. It is a falling down through all the conventional patterns of existence, a burning through the layers of conditioning. Until we fall right into the truth of ourselves – our fundamental BEING.

So by becoming nothing, we become everything.

In the dropping down into nothing, into belonging, into unity and not pushing oneself forward trying to aggrandize oneself, we find the TAO which was always there, an endless stream coursing through existence, humming through every town, every life, every river, every rock.

Though you may have been led to believe that to be strong was to make more money, have more power, conquer your enemies and all the rest which has been propagated by society through the ages (always in order to further its own agenda, the agendas of the powerful – perhaps such places have existed where it was not so – i cannot think of one sadly), it can really be said that true strength is to conquer one’s monkey mind – to strengthen ones being enough that it becomes master see;

It is far more easy to succumb to ones lower nature than it is to overcome it so of course it is the strongest and most difficult thing one can do – In light of this of course – it is also by far the most rewarding.

Once again – As can be seen in this alchemical symbolic art below “putre-factio” – All things grow from putrification – like plants putrefying into the soil to nourish new growth endlessly.



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