Outpourings from a clear place. May they touch you where they must, if only to awaken that longing in you. That you may feel as I have been so lucky to feel in this lifetime.

The mystifying journey of light in a form – Synchronicities abound – there is real magic here when one goes beyond the confines of one’s familiarities.

Indeed, it seems strange to even have to say this, as we journey through this existence, doing our best to come to some kind of understanding, some kind of clarity as to what exactly is happening here.

So we find the starting point of our journey – Nobody knows. Further, if anybody is going to know it is you – the wisdom is you, the path is you.

The walking of this path does often feel in the beginning all kinds of strange things –  a free fall, unplanned, unstructured, unsafe – but in its continuance we settle into our form and our place in all of this which is felt in our complete downward relaxation into “being”.

The main problem we face in this new world is that at sometime or another – something else began to predominate – the rational problem solving mind, the entire dependence on and rejection of all other than mind which does fundamentally reveal itself to be a body issue. A denial of the body, a running away from rooted-ness and a kind of transcendent running away from the rooted reality of nature, of “Her”, which results in the ephemeral and unfulfilling nature of “conventional” existence.  There is a complete denial of one very huge part of existence and thusly there can only follow a huge imbalance and pain within.

But I have come to realize and it is even now to me a most obvious fact – There is something in us which is beyond the rational mind and which knows the ways of earth, the ways of nature, the ways of heaven.

Of course this has to do with the body – with body wisdom, body intelligence. This body has been created by this energy matrix and is therefore far more intelligent in itself than our rational minds which are ever at the limits of what can be perceived by the senses and guessed at by the intellect.

Also “her” in terms of the body, is found deep down in the stomach, in the lower abdomen – in the sinking of the awareness deep down into the body.

Mostly we find in this society we have a lot of people who are very stuck in the head – energetically this means that most of their energy, their awareness, their focus is completely stuck in their heads and they are completely disconnected from their bodies.

This is not the case in many “primitive” societies who are and always have been very aware of the “second brain” in the gut which modern science is just now beginning to collaborate with in its findings.

I do not know when or why this happened, this stuck in the head mentality which seems to have arisen in the Western Hemisphere – but it manifests in everything. In the brutal domination and raping of nature and the planets resources, in the building of huge cities which completely strangle and choke the earth, in the dog eat dog city mentality, in the great amount of time and energy put into distraction and pointless entertainment.

It is all an escaping from Her – from nature, from rootedness, which is borne of fear which is borne of disconnection from the source which is found through and in the body’s natural intelligence.

Ultimately, it is an attempt to escape from the mysterious soil of all being, the black mother, the absolute, the soil before awareness even, the space in which presence arises, the void from which all life mysteriously manifests.

So the truth is always found in a “losing” of things and in a sinking deep down into the body – from here the intuitive knowing springs. We learn to properly regulate the energies of our body with breath, yoga, meditation, intention, focus.

Then the true mystery can bloom within these forms.