The True Voice

I speak for those who understand my language. In the midst of these resonances somewhere, truth can be found. In the willingness to cry out across these barren landscapes in the cry that is uniquely yours, you may find companionship, love, great surprises and mystery – often in unlikely places. People will only see things … More The True Voice

One Becomes One Again

Any pattern within the mind or indeed any personality structure which clings to its inherent reality as an object which exists apart from and separate from all other things will come up strongly in this kind of work and self examination. Indeed this is much of the work, the reunification of these “shattered” aspects into … More One Becomes One Again

The Path

The true “spiritual” path is a movement into truth, it always has been. How deep does it go? How deep do we go? What is the true nature of our relationship to life? everything here seems to have a purpose when it is in balance. When one looks at the forest one sees that everything … More The Path

The Immutable Core

Have you yet found the immutable core? It is found in the lower abdomen, the seed grows from here. Atoms have one, planets, humans, trees… everything micro-cosmically and macro-cosmically repeats itself endlessly in every phenomenon, across all dimensions. To root oneself in the core is to know oneself as the immortal essence. The core is … More The Immutable Core

Truth Embodiment

You may have noticed, or begun to notice the three main dimensions of truth realization. They are the truth of the head as basic space, the truth of the heart as the one being and the truth of the gut as authority – truth embodied and brought down in earthly form. The truth of the … More Truth Embodiment

The Alchemy of Soul

If there is no contact with the essence, the cycles of samsara will play out infinitely and mechanically until one comes to realise this essence. Life is deeply holographic, deeply multi dimensional, deeply bendable as anyone who has meditated deeply or taken psychedelics or just had a mystical experience will tell you. Matter and its … More The Alchemy of Soul


Impermanence is one of the core truths of life. Everything in the form we know it will die. This is the nature of every phenomenon which arises in reality. This is the source of a great deal of human suffering. We crave something permanent, something solid amidst the constant flux of life. Much of our … More Impermanence