The True Voice

I speak for those who understand my language. In the midst of these resonances somewhere, truth can be found. In the willingness to cry out across these barren landscapes in the cry that is uniquely yours, you may find companionship, love, great surprises and mystery – often in unlikely places. People will only see things … More The True Voice


Love waits, Love caresses With unclenched hands. Love kisses the breeze as it passes, Love waters all trees and fills all wounds. Love dances through beams of dust in empty corridors, Love asks nothing for itself, it is pure fulfillment without need. Love is eternal bliss unfolding, love is the seed that grows in you, … More Love


All this blaming makes me weary. Do the waves in the ocean blame each other As they pass, as far as their force allows Before crashing into the beach to be absorbed by golden sands? Here we are now, spiraling from one In one, as one eternity permeates us, it is our true nature This … More Joy


Slowly, move the clouds of my dreams Castles made of clay, melting in the sun I hear them crash into the sea Great monuments of man, crumbling in time Our forms fading into the black, one with the sea Rivers breaking from the whole, Life’s symphony playing out, Birds singing, patterns in the sand Waves … More Arise

The Dance of Life

When sky, earth, wind, tree, sun, moon, stars, beast and man become one movement When the dancer becomes the dance and the flames of passion burn from deep within Strong enough to weather any storm When each falling leaf Is worth more than a kingdom When pain becomes ecstasy and good and bad blur into … More The Dance of Life

The Great Burning

Everything must burn, to allow the new life to grow. We must allow ourselves to fall completely into the arms of grace. The fire must be given full permission to rage through the depths of us And burn away all that is not real. We are what is left, When the fire has consumed everything. … More The Great Burning


The days spin around me, where once they were certain and all was bathed in mystical light and how the sun rose, painting the sky red And how the moon would glint in a clear blue sky Turning slowly whiter as the sky would darken… I feel that which it all rests upon, I have … More Eternity


Boundless eternity, fills my empty heart, giving life where death has fallen stillness fills the emptiness, night fills the darkness A pale winter moon, shines ghostly light upon me sweet summer sun rise, washes the gloom away Dark angels, gypsy queens, heal with their touch burn away my sorrow casting tingles where their hands glide … More Reflections

Ode to the Weary

Outside, by the water, we built shelter, from the downpour Built fire from the cold, and we searched, knowing there was more The waves crashed upon the beach, as a silent ship passed by And as it sailed on its journey, I stared into the flames before me And time goes on and on, its … More Ode to the Weary